[Information]Various types and variations of malicious spam e-mails

1. Introduction

According to one of Korean security companies' report, the share of spam e-mails has been revealed nearly 69%.
With increasing value and interest of information in these days, its exploit practices are also increasing exponentially.
Among these threats, we are going to review various types of malicious spam e-mails and its security threats and prevention.

Since spam emails via e-mail or its attachments are disguised as a normal contents or disguised its sending address, general user can't find whether or not its fidelity.
Various types of malicious e-mails are as following.

2. Spreading cases

Recently found malicious spam e-mail has been revealed that it came from YouTube.
Furthermore, masquerading sending address as a webmaster can also cause security threats in business side.

As above, malicious spam e-mail is trying to induce user to access certain web site with using social engineering technique or vulnerability of web browser, then it installs malicious file on victim's computer.
With using victim's infected computer, it performs malicious functions including accessing remote access or stealing victim's online banking information.
Besides, it can make another victim by forwarding another user.

3. How to prevent

Security threats including spam e-mail will be getting bigger. To use internet safely from malicious spam e-mails, we recommend following tips "Anti-spam e-mail management tips" for general users.

Anti-spam e-mail management

1. Set mail address to be uneasy to track.
2. Do not leave your mail address on using bulletin board.
3. Check "Do not receive e-mail" on registering website.
4. Use program for anti-spam or filtering program.
5. Try not to see e-mail from uncertain user.
6. Make a certain mail for spam e-mails only.
7. Install Anti-virus program for preventing those security threats.

INCA Internet (Security Response Center / Emergency Response Team)  runs responding system against various security threats.