Phishings on online transactions

1. Introduction

Recently, we found pop-up type phishing case on accessing certain web site; therefore, general users need to be careful on using internet.
Damage cases occurred on ticketing movie ticket using credit card or online banking in South Korea.
Because it can cause financial damage, general users must be careful on using financial related tasks.

2. Spreading path and symptoms of infection

It can be downloaded from attachment of e-mail or clicking link on messenger or SNS.
Besides, we found this malicious file has been being loaded running process list on victim's PC.

In this figure, we can check that "noloadf5A.dll" is injected in normal process "rundll32.exe". This dll file remains as a hidden on following path. Furthermore, infected PC can register following certain registry value.

* File path of noloadf5A.dll

C:\WINDOWS\system32\noloadf5A.dll ( 614,400 bytes, hidden )

* Registry value


"NvCplDaemonTool"="C:\Documents and Settings\(User account)\noloadf5A.dll".

These 2 types of tried cases have been found recently, and various cases can appear.

A. Tried case on signing in online banking site

Following figure can appear while signing in domestic online banking site in infected PC.

It induces user input card information. Besides, this page will appear only in "Internet Explorer".

B. Tried case on ticketing movie tickets online site

Another case appears on reserving tickets on movie tickets online site. If you input information for the ticket,

This Mastercard's secure code input form will appear.
This page is fake page and requires user card's information.

By the way, this pop-up will appear while using card for international-use.

3. How to prevent

To use PC safely from security threats of these malicious attachments, we recommend following "Security management tips" for general users.

Security management tips

1. Maintain the latest security update on OS and applications
2. Use anti-virus SW from believable security company and keep updating the latest engine and using real time detecting function
3. Do not see and download attached file from suspicious e-mail.
4. Keep caution to link from instant messenger and SNS.
5. Execute downloaded file after scan with anti-virus SW.

INCA Internet (Security Response Center / Emergency Response Team) provides diagnosis/treatment function with nProtect Anti-Virus/Spyware for detecting such as malicious file stated above and runs responding system against various security threats.


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